banniere terroirs 01

Exceptional soils

All great wines begin in great places.

Throughout the seasons, the work of the vineyard creates a deep link between man and nature. I pay a quite particular attention on my soils by dedicating it all my know-how; my goal is to achieve excellence.


Right in front of the famous castle, a place named “Grand Devès”, this plot of land possesses an interesting peculiarity: pebbles cover up a large part of the ground. They so store the heat of the day and during the night are then able to spread it in the stock of the vineyard.

The argilo- calcareous ground is dry and the roots of the vineyard have to fetch deep in the ground the elements of life.

The Hillsides are exposed southwest. This plot of land is located in the driest part of the Côtes du Rhône which brings to the vineyard little rain and an exceptional period of sunshine. The mistral often violent, cleans up. The alliance of these climatic peculiarities allow a beautiful concentration of berries at the time of the grape harvest.

All the elements are gathered to contribute to the elaboration of great wines.


Below the village overhung by Les Dentelles de Montmirail, the geology and the climatology are particular and give very complex wines.

The grounds rich in clay are composed of big alluvial terraces of rocky red clay in the high permeability.

The climate is hot and dry with an exceptional period of sunshine. It is also subjected to the mistral, a prevailing wind, which cleans up the vineyards.


Les Côtes-du-Rhône pulls their strength out of the treasures of a sunny soil and a wind caresses them.
The ground is argilo-calcareous and rocky.