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Our vines

The wines of the domain grant sharpness and wealth thanks to the diversity of the vines.

Grenache noir

Greed, generosity, curvature…. Its red and bronzed dress hides numerous gustative assets. Concerning the rosés, its strong fruit taste amazes, its silky mouth and its pale tint. For the reds, it gives a real heady scale and aromas of blackcurrant and ripe spices. Its tannins establish themselves with time and age and by then reveals delicious aromas of fruits, spices and even pepper perfumed...


This vine gives colored, aromatic, well alcoholized and delicate wines although carpentered. Tannic but little acid, its wines are thus capable of ageing.
La Syrah exhales with grace, in red, fruity scents (red and black berries: raspberry, currant, blueberry, blackberry) and floral (violet, mignonette), and even spiced (truffle, pepper, licorice, menthol). It also gives birth to attractive fruity rosés.


This vine with quite a strong personality, gives a very colored, strong and structured wine. Its tannins are tightened, of excellent holding, for red wines. Young, its wines release aromas of pepper and black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry) with vegetable touches of scrubland or laurel. While aging (about 5 years) they bloom towards more round notes and more complex aromas.


Its clusters are big, composed of big and juicy berries. It is a vine that comes late which needs sun and resists the drought. Indeed, it is rather productive but fragile when it comes to diseases. It prefers poor grounds for a better quality production. The Cinsault is part of the elaboration of the AOC Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Côtes-du-Rhône, Côtes de Provence…in red wines. The wines are easy to drink, generally little acid, low in color and in alcohol, and with aromas of red berries as raspberries, dried fruits, and white flowers.

Carignan noir

This rustique vine gives a beauiful structured and tannic color. On the old vineyards, these tannins are much finer even if they ask for an ageing intended to soften them. They develop these notes: ripe fruits (prune in particular), toast, grilled almond, leather.

Grenache Blanc 

Le Grenache is a full-bodied vine, little acid, round and long in mouth. It gives full-bodied and little acid white wines.


The Clairette develops various aromas, such as fennel, apple, lime tree, apricot, and peach.


The Roussane is a delicate vine, and of big sharpness. It gives wines of great elegance, fine and complex, and develops floral flavors (honeysuckle, iris).


This black colored vine brings in the assembly a floral bouquet and a pleasant freshness.