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The Farming...
... a unique know-how

My wines represent the wealth of my dedication, my land, my history.

The wine storehouse of wine making which is very modern highlights the fundamental qualities of the soil and the various wines. The grape harvest, handpicked, is carefully sorted out at its arrival at the cellar. Only the most beautiful grapes are transformed into wine. Then the grapes are partially or totally scratched before being put into the tank.

Our wine making is a family secret of finding perfect balance and harmony between tradition and modernity.

Every plot of land is separately converted into wine tanks where the control of the temperatures is electrically mastered in order to extract the best of tannins and the most beautiful colors.

For the duration of the 15-30 day vatting period for the oldest wines (100 years), the wines are partially raised in wooden barrels during several months.

The assembly, a really delicate alchemy comes then.

It becomes a work of a goldsmith, wine of drop, wine of press, the assembly will respect the proportions dictated by my sensibility and my memory.

B. Tourbillon